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3 Reasons Why Your Prospects Aren't Showing Up (And What To Do About It)
In case you don't want to read, here's a video:
When it comes to selling a membership, the first sale you have to make is selling the appointment. Unfortunately, a lot of people attempt to do this by bragging about how good they are, how clean their gym is, how big of a facility they have, on and on and on.

At best, you’re boring your prospect. At worst, you’re scaring them off.

Now you might be thinking “but i’m good at selling appointments, it’s just half the appointments that I book don’t show up.” Reality check...

If half of your appointments don’t show up, you’re not good at selling appointments. You’re good at making people say “yes” so that they can get you off the phone. Just because you put it on your schedule doesn’t mean that you sold the appointment. Your prospect has to show up for it to actually count as an appointment.

Counting appointments just because they said they would show up is like counting membership sales of prospects that are going to stop in tomorrow, pay you, and sign the paperwork. It’s not a sale unless it’s paid and it’s not an appointment unless they show up.

I know some you out there may think a 50% show up rate is acceptable. I’ve heard smart business people say that 50% is acceptable. Reality check number two...

No, it’s not. Average should never be acceptable. You don’t want an average business with average membership sales so stop accepting average results. 

Think about it like this. At one point, everyone who contacted you was interested in what you had to offer on some level. If you have a 50% show up rate then you’re scaring away half of your prospects! You’re show up rate should be 70-80% or better. 

It’s simple, the prospect contacted you because they were interested. Either you continue to stoke the fire of their interest or you extinguish it. 

Now, let me tell you why your prospects aren’t showing up and what you can do about it.

The number 1 reason prospects aren’t showing up is because you are giving out your prices before you’re giving out your value.

Pop quiz ... why are people calling you in the first place?

a) they just want to spend their money
b) they have a problem that they think you might be able to solve. 

Answer: They have a problem they think that you can solve.

Chances are you aren’t your prospects cheapest solution for whatever problem they have. Do you think you can really demonstrate the value of what you have to offer over the phone? Do you think you’re the only one telling them that they’re going to get a great workout in a clean and safe environment? You sound like every other gym that your prospect is calling, only you cost more.

What to do:
Do not give pricing before value. Watch my FREE videos on how to answer the price question without giving away your prices CLICK HERE FOR MY FREE VIDEO TRAINING ON THIS SUBJECT.

Reason number 2 is that you aren’t creating any engagement with the prospect.

Stop talking about features and benefits so quickly. Your prospect does not care how much or what kind of equipment you have. They don’t care how many square feet you occupy. They don’t care how many classes you offer. 

Prospects care about themselves. They want a solution to their problem and they want to be heard so that they know that they are getting the right help. The only way to accomplish this is through engagement. In order to create engagement you have to ask questions. Questions create engagement.

What to do:
So instead of saying, “we have the best trainers around,” ask, “have you ever trained before or is this something new?” Instead of saying, “we’ve helped hundreds of people in our community achieve their goals,” ask, “why do you want to train?” 

Do you get the idea?

Those are just an example of a couple questions to ask. You need to have a series of questions that systematically lead to an appointment. If you need more help with a system for questioning a prospect there is a book that I highly recommend called, The Art of Selling Memberships. It’s a great book, written by a great guy! :-)

The third reason is that your prospect doesn’t feel comfortable showing up to your gym. 

Although asking questions like what I mentioned above will help your prospect feel more comfortable with you, they still have an imagination. What we don’t want to happen is, that prospect using their imagination to create fear. They will imagine all kinds of stuff like how hard the workout is going to be, how intimidating the trainer is, how other people will perceive them at the gym, etc etc.

What to do:
We can eliminate this being an obstacle to your prospect by telling them what to expect when they get to your gym. By taking a few seconds to paint a picture in your prospects mind of what is going to happen when they arrive you eliminate the possibility of them imagining the worst case scenario.

You can say something like this:
“Ok. Ms. Prospect, we are scheduled for tonight at 6:30 pm. When you get here I’ll give you a tour of our facility and show you around. Then we’ll chat a little bit more about your goal so that we’re clear what you’re looking for and can offer help along those lines. From there I’ll introduce you to your trainer, he’s really good helping beginners. You’ll get a chance to workout at a pace that’s comfortable for you and see if you like it how we do things. This also gives us an opportunity to see what program might be best for you here. Does that sound good?”

Make those adjustments to your sales process. Stop giving pricing before value, create engagement by asking questions, and tell your prospects what to expect. Implement these things and you’ll see your show up rate increase and ultimately your membership sales increase as well.

If you would like a free, one-on-one consultation about some strategies for improving your sales process contact cory at or call us at (315) 257-8300.
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