The Art of Selling Memberships
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An Amazon International #1 Best-Seller!
"Best-Selling Book Reveals
How To Sell More Memberships
... Without Using Hard Ball Sales Tactics
& Even If You Don't Like Selling!" 
Close More Membership Sales with No Pressure & No Convincing.

This 221 Page Book Shows You How.
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Here Are Just A Few Things That You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • The reasons why people buy memberships (it's not what you think). (Page 49)
  • How to uncover your prospect's true buying motivations. (Page 67)
  • Ways to generate and close leads from the telephone, from walk-ins, from the internet, social media, and from face-to-face contacts. (page 77)
  • How to answer the price question in a way that increases appointments without giving away your prices. (Page 87)
  • The only four objections a prospect will ever have, why every prospect has them, and how to overcome them with ease. (Page 111)
  • Three keys to doing a great gym tour and trial workout. (Page 156)
  • How to get a commitment  without coming across like a pushy salesperson. (Page 159)
  • A simple technique that will have your prospects paying in full and giving you larger sums of money. (Page 165)
  • The art of closing the hesitant buyer with closes like the "You Are Getting In Your Own Way Close", the "My Life Isn't Going To Change Close", and many more. (Page 173)
  • A referral system that will virtually guarantee an endless amount of non-stop referrals for your business. (Page 197)
The Art of Selling Memberships Has Already Helped Countless People Grow Their Membership Sales.
Including These Gyms & More:
Membership Sales Academy
Membership Sales Academy
Membership Sales Academy
Membership Sales Academy
Membership Sales Academy
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 Here's What Your Peers Are Saying:
"I read The Art of Selling Memberships and it changed everything. I went from signing up 20 people a month to signing up 50 to 60. It's great. It's changed my life."
- Keegan Graham, Program Director
"Probably one of the most fantastic books I've read in so many years on sales and marketing. It is exceptional. You really need to get this book."
- Fairfax Hackley, Gym Owner
"Erik is a great person to learn from. The book is really easy to read. It's a great book and I recommend it to anyone. I can't wait to read it again."
- Eric Sienkiewicz, Program Director
"Using Erik's strategies in The Art of Selling Memberships has increased my closing rate to approximately 90%. I highly recommend Erik's book."
- Ben Tyree, Gym Owner
"Within 90 days of working with Erik we were able to double our student numbers as well as double our income. I was able to quit my job and live the dream of running the school full time."
- Jesse Briggs, Gym Owner
"It's amazing the results we've been having. Within the first 30 days we had already started to double our closing percentages. I've tried a lot of different methods and systems. His program is the best that I've seen."
- Derrek Hofrichter, Gym Owner
"I was open a little over three years and I love what I do but I wasn't making any money doing it. After reading The Art of Selling Memberships my revenues doubled in just three months and will probably triple and quadruple in the next few."
- Mike Wickware, Gym Owner
As You Can Plainly See ...
The Art of Selling Memberships Has Already Helped Countless People Grow Their Membership Sales.
The Question Is ...
Are YOU Next?
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What People Are Saying On..
Some fresh ideas on some old situations!
- Mark Basford
Brilliantly Effective!
- Kevin Seaman
A must read for selling memberships!
- Gabriel Rinato
Clear, concise & powerful enrollment!
- Val Heart
A must read for all in the fitness industry!
- Rebecca Ferente
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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
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